How a fashion brand works from home during the Coronavirus Crisis

Hello everyone,  



We are currently trying to run prodigal fox from our homes, so we thought we would share our day with you.



The challenges we face and the positives we can take from it.



For those of you who are fortunate to be able to work from home maybe you can relate to some of these, and for those of you who are no longer working but staying home to stay safe then maybe your working day has changed, but faces new challenges (as I'm sure there is plenty to keep everyone busying around the home, I too have found this!) And of course there are those whom are still having to go out to work being brave everyday - we salute you. And thank you, all our AMAZING NHS and Key workers for risking your lives every day to help save ours.



So currently the whole team are working from home. Jackie is a director here, she heads up our design team. Jackie has always followed fashion and has a passion for new trends with over fifteen years experience.



Its Jackie's main job to look at what’s trending, what’s coming off the catwalk, what’s selling on the high street and what’s popular with designer brands.



Jackie then takes all this information and puts it onto mood boards. These mood boards are crucial to our design process as they are the foundation to our designs, so they have to be full of the right information in order for us to forecast new trends to create unique and popular styles.



These are then passed onto our designers who use these mood boards to sketch up new styles for our coming collections. This process is constantly on going to ensure we have the latest trends with an edge. Once we have a selection of styles Jackie and I meet with our designers to finalise our collection. At these meetings we often brainstorm the design against the shape, so we can make the appropriate changes to make sure we can create the perfect fit for as many different body shapes as possible. Once we are confident with our chosen styles these are then finalised by our design team.



Next they are passed onto our pattern cutters, Stage 2 but I'll talk about this another time.



So now you know a little about our design process and how it all starts. Working from home with our design team has gone smoothly so far! Jackie is still able to gather information for mood boards, and our team have the relevant tools to complete their designs. Thanks to Zoom we are still able to have our meetings, although our family has grown with fury friends and kids joining in, it perhaps takes a little longer but it certainly brightens up our day!



As you can see from the picture Jackie is trying to work from home with the help of her son James, challenging but rewarding and of course plenty of fun!!!



At the moment sales for us have slowed down as they have in general throughout retail. We are using this valuable time to focus on our new collections for when we return to brighter days and we can all meet up again with friends and loved ones, dress up, venture out and CELEBRATE!!!



We have some really exciting styles coming and can't wait to share these with you… So watch this space and you can find out how we have developed these styles step by step and if you have any ideas or something you'd like to see then please get in touch .



Thank you, Emma.