The Fox can be funny, feirce and fashionable.

What an overwhelming and brilliant week this has been. However it has brought to my attention that a few people have a strong view on what "professionalism in business" actually is or what it means to them, so much so that i felt compelled to write a blog post. 

It has become clear that to some people, to be professional translates into not having fun or a personality in the work place - imagine working in a place like that... whilst i agree there are times and places to be sensible, i also believe by breaking the ice (or potential antiques) with a bit of fun is more than acceptable and what i have found in business, work and in life is that people relate and want to work with likable, charismatic and credible people.

Now don't get me wrong if my employees  came into work, got no work done and goofed around then yes that would not be acceptable, but i encourage fun and laughter, as that is where creativity and confidence is born. People are more productive when they are enjoying what they do. And as long as the job is getting done and to a high standard then why not. I enjoy bringing the best out in people.

If you look at businesses such as Misguided, Apple, PLT.... and many more industry leaders you will see these forward thinkers have a new and aspiring way at looking at professionalism. Their head quarters are filled with palm trees, table tennis tables, games room and so much more that encourages creativity but all that include having fun and being free spirited. 

If you look at the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Lord Sugar, Duncan Bannatyne, Debra Meaden, Simon Cowel and so many other successful entrepreneurs you will see that their character is a huge part of their success.

For example if you were given the choice of sat in an hour long meeting with no energy and talking stats, facts and figures with a monotone Mary or a two hour meeting over a delightful brunch, fueled with laughter and the same stats, facts and figures...i know which one i'd choose.

I have found using humour and creating an emotional connection through laughter enables you to bring the best out in people which then relates to you getting the best result out of the situation. 

For me, being professional is about making people feel comfortable, building lasting working relationships and a solid network and feeling confident in my knowledge, skills and character. I enjoy building people up to bring out the best in them, i enjoy making people laugh and breaking down any awkward tension inside and outside of the work place. Because breaking people barriers down brings the best out in people.


The Prodigal fox 🐺