Stay Positive and Stay Safe - Help Beat Coronavirus.

Hello everyone , 

Firstly all of us here at Prodigal Fox hope your all staying safe, and coping through this difficult time. I'm sure the Coronavirus crisis has had an effect on all of us but we have to remain positive and try to use this time to our advantage. A time to reflect and focus on ourselves , something i'm sure like me you never get the chance to do . Catch up on all those little jobs , exercise, eat healthy the things we never make time for . But most importantly don't panic but prepare ourselves for what comes next .

Whether your self employed , run your own business, working from home or having to not work and stay at home to keep safe, there are lots of beneficial jobs we can all be doing to help our selves once we have come through this serial and difficult time. If your stuck or stressed and would like some help or advise on how best to get your self through this , then please email me personally as i would be more than happy to help. (

Or if you work for the NHS or are a Key worker then a massive THANK YOU from all of us for everything your doing, please try to look after your selves to and keep healthy. If your feeling tired or low and just need something positive in your thoughts them please also email me as i am full of positive and pick me up vibes.

Also well done to everyone who is helping those less fortunate or can't get out , i am most impressed how people and communities are coming together to help each other , its a massive positive at this time of crisis and a credit to you all.


I personally would like to take these quieter times to say a massive thank you to all our wonderful customers, and for those of you who don't know much about our brand i'm going to tell you all about it ! over the next few blog posts.

We want you all to get to know us better here at prodigal fox and feel like your part of our team as we are constantly asking for our customers input and what you'd all like to see and hear about , so please get in touch .

Thank you all for taking the time to read this,stay safe .

Many thanks . Emma Deeks -Director.