Sewing Subcriptions

Hello Everyone ,Β 

So were in lockdowm 3.0!! But not for much longer πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

And it has been truly Awful!! However what I really mean to say, is stay positive as there are plenty of things to be grateful for. For example it does mean we have more time to ourselves, and we can invest into doing stuff just for us! So this got me thinking, we are regularly being asked about sewing tips and people inquiring about learning to sew. So why not create a way for people to experience sewing as well as our luxury collections.

Lots of us have more time at home at the minuet and some of us are getting creative, including myself.

I have been sewing for over 25 years! Wow I sound old!! I started in school and I've not stopped since. I love creating new patterns , experimenting with new designs and most of all sewing it all together, making our creations come alive.


I love most of all manipulating patterns to create the perfect fit for any body shape , hence why we specialise in made to measure clothing. This is something I would like to share with you all in our NEW SEWING SUBSCRIPTION - That's Sew Fox.

Its important to learn how to make your clothing but what good is it if it doesn't fit you properly? With our online step by step tutorials and guidance I can guarantee once you've completed making your new outfit , you'll love it even more as it will fit you perfectly.

Over the years I have learn't how to sew in a simple way to achieve a luxury finish, this is also something I would love to teach you. When I first started sewing , I bought many patterns, however I found it to be sooo confusing and often I would give up before I'd even really got started. And when I'd finally cutΒ  everything out the process of putting it together had become over whelming and I had lost interest! As my love for sewing grew and grew I started to create my own patterns and my own style of sewing , quick and easy with clothing I'd love to wear when finished.

It is these trade secrets we can'tΒ  wait to share with you all. So you to can share my sewing experience and you can experience sewing made easy for yourself .

The That's Sew Fox Subscription Box has so much more to offer than just learning to sew, is about creating the right shapes and patterns for your body, as well as styling advice plus you get to make our most fashionable designs and work with lots of different types of fabrics.

We are hoping to launch in the next 3 weeks, we're so excited and we can't wait to get started. The Subscription is for all levels of sewing , from beginners to advanced. Plus loads and loads of perks. But we will tell you more about that nearer the time .

if you are interested in learning more simply email us at

Keep getting creative what ever your hobbies are , and make sure to make the most of this precious time. We know its not ideal, and it can be hard at times to get motivated especially without those hugs we all love so much. But never the less try to appreciate what you do have and share your talents with others, tag us at prodigal_fox as The Fox would love to see.

Take care Big love Emma x