Is This The Future For Fashion?

As we feel the slight ease of lockdown lifting , and the news of shops opening again, there's a sense of excitement in the air. However i can't but wonder what does this hold for the future of fashion? As i look around i see more and more people starting to wear facemasks, especially as they become mandatory on public transport and in other places.

A few weeks ago now my Dad was having to travel to Paris (for work), whilst on his trip he noticed nearly everyone he passed had a facemask on, and unless you were wearing one, you were not allowed into shops or cafes etc. However what made the biggest impact on Dad was how different and expressive their facemasks were. It was all most a part of peoples identity and a way to express themselves, in the same way you chose how to dress and style yourself. What we call Fashion! Facemasks were being coordinated with outfits and matching their attire. The Fashion Capital was not letting us down with the latest trend! As i watch this unfold in other Fashion Capitals, and seeing Facemasks being matched to their collections as they appear on the Catwalks, i can only ask myself Is this the future for fashion?



As we prepare ourselves in these strange times, we too have produced a collection of vibrant and stylish facsmasks. And as i do more research into facemasks i can see more and more companies are producing more fashionable Facemasks or coverings. This can only be due to demand , so is it safe to say that we all still like to good whilst in out facemasks? I think the answer is yes!

Part of the research was to test different shapes and styles, and although these seem comfy at first , after wearing one for over a few hours it did start to hurt my ears where the elastic was, suddenly i realised how hard it must be for all our wonderful NHS staff to wear them over 12 hour plus shifts.I am so thankful to have these wonderful people support us though this pandemic. 

The whole concept of wearing a facemask is quite daunting, as its something none of us have had to do before in our everyday lives. When i first started to wear mine , i found it made me feel claustrophobic, i felt suffocated when i spoke and i did feel a bit self consensus, as not everyone wore one. However as more and more people are starting to wear them, it does feel more like the norm and i to am getting more use to the idea and the way it feels on my face , and the way it makes me feel.

So what does Fashions Future hold? I guess only time will tell! Will facemakes become a thing of the past , or will we be flooded with different styles , prints etc. Will we see more facemasks play apart on our Catwalks? All we can do is watch this space and see if this to becomes a part of our future. But most importantly remember to stay alert.

I will leave you with this note, this is what made me first decide to wear a Facemask. A customer was ordering a selection of masks and she said to me , if everyone else is wearing a Facemask to protect me , the least i can do is wear one to protect them! It was there and then i thought shes right, i to need to do more to protect others, and from that day on i've always worn mine when around others. But of course it totally matches my dress! 

Thank YOU Emma xx

 Ps check this out...... I think they are here to stay ???