Clap for our Carers : Applauding the NHS

So I'm back to tell you all about an exciting competition we are running to help treat all our amazing NHS and Key workers to some fabulous goodies.



We will be giving away lots of prizes, from some of our ladies clothing collections, to our range of accessories as well as many more little pamper treats.



Working from home has made me realise we are the lucky ones: I am currently home schooling my two boys and although life has changed, I have to say I can't moan about it, but just be grateful for the positive things which surround us.



I am grateful as a family we are all healthy and together, I only hope we can remain this way.



I am grateful I have the luxury to work from home as so many of us are worried about the uncertainty of their jobs.



I am grateful for my neighbours and our community spirit that surrounds me.



I am grateful I live in the UK, seeing everyone pull together in this crisis makes me feel so proud to be a part of our British culture.



I am grateful for all those extra luxuries we take for granted everyday. The internet: where would we be without Google right now! Houseparty! Zoom! Our television so we can still watch our favourite programs. For me personally I'm loving working whilst watching Good Morning Britain with the lovely Lorraine Kelly and of course followed by Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on This Morning. They keep reminding me even though we are facing a major crisis, we still remain positive, able to laugh and keep our humour, keep ourselves in good spirit, whilst all coming together for the good of the people.



I am grateful for our Government trying their best to save as many jobs and businesses as they can, whilst giving support to our NHS and the vulnerable.



But most of all I am grateful for our NHS and Key workers who are working around the clock to help us all stay safe and helping those who need it most. They have been amazing and I really don't know how they are coping and managing to carry on every day after day for the foreseeable future.



It made me realise I wish I could do more to help, as at the moment the best thing we can all do to help is to stay home and stay safe to help keep everyone else safe and try to make their jobs a little easier.



So we decided to launch this competition to try to give back something to everyone working so hard for us.



It’s really simple: all you have to do is nominate anyone you know who is an NHS or Key Worker who you feel should have a few treats. Just something to let them know how much we all care and appreciate what they are doing. This is a little something nice we can offer just for them, to hopefully put a smile on their face after a long tough day. I know it’s not much, (especially in comparison to  Paul Heaton’s free concert hes putting on for everyone - this is fabulous and such an amazing gift, something to look forward to and so well deserved) it is however just a small token we here at Prodigal Fox can try to give just a little bit back.



Please nominate your loved ones or friends on our Instagram or Facebook page prodigal_fox, comment why you've nominated them, and then tag us for a chance for someone special to win a few small pleasures just for them. 



Please please please get involved lets show as much support as we can, and remember to CLAP FOR OUR CARERS: APPLAUDING THE NHS every Thursday night at 8 pm.



Thank you all and stay safe, 



love Emma xx