90's fashion comebacks

I do not care what any of you say - THIS IS CRAZY. I am usually a fan of Queen Kim's style and we often use Kim's outfit choices for inspiration of our own styles, just check out KVK and Olivia VS KimK which are two of our PFs. 

However the 1990's addidas popper pants, lace bodice and choker do not scream "must have". I think the fact that Kanya resembles someone who doesn't use soap doesn't help support Kim's fashion choice either.

And then it goes from bad to worse  - a bit like my boardroom appearance. We now have, 1990s addidas popper pants, a lace bodice, a jewelled chocker and FISH NET TIGHTS. 


At this point and by the look on Kim's face, Kim knows she has come too far,  but too many pap pictures in and Kim knows she needs to just "roll" with and embrace this ensemble! However she is deffo looking down and thinking "maybe the tights were a bit too much".

Yes Kim, yes they are. 

Not to give too much energy to that "iconic look"...cough. I want to take a moment to appreciate how we are starting to get the remake of 90s fashion right. And talk for a second about power net or what some of you might commonly know more as mesh. I absolutely adore that black Power net is making a huge comeback, the Sherzy does it just right all the time, every time.

This is where some of our Inspo was born, i love to experiment with our styles at Prodigalfox.com and create daring, sultry and unique styles. And powernet is perfect for creating racy looks.

Our winter collection launching at the begining of November features power net heavily and also lace and leathers. Three of my favourite fabrics to explore with and when used in moderation can create killer styles.

However when used in correctly can just plain KILL IT. Look forward to hearing your feedback and see our winter sales roll in. 


Much love 

The Prodigal Fox 🐺